The fund is structured as a Dutch open ended mutual fund ('fonds voor gemene rekening') and operates under the exemption regulation ('vrijstellingsregeling') of the Financial Supervision Act of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets ('AFM').

The structure is of the highest level of governance whereby administration, custody and management of the fund are strictly separated. The Fund essentially is a three-way agreement between investors, the depositary and the fund manager, bound by the rules as set out in the information memorandum.

Service providers

Using top tier and reputable service providers we have established a trustworthy setup of institutional quality with clear accountability and separation of ownership.

EY is one of the "Big Four" accounting firms and is responsible for the annual accounting statements of the fund.
Interactive Brokers:
Interactive Brokers is an electronic brokerage firm. It is the largest U.S. electronic brokerage firm by number of daily average revenue trades, and is the leading forex broker. They provide us with the trading platform to efficiently manage the fund.
ABN Amro is the bank of the Affectum Global Dynamic Allocation Fund where participants deposit the money.
Trustmoore is an independent, global provider of corporate services to individuals and enterprises. They provide the board services of the fund.
Circle Partners:
An independent administrator offering a comprehensive range of specialist fund management solutions to established investment managers and those launching startup funds. They are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the fund.

How to invest

Clients can participate in the Affectum GDA Fund starting from EUR 100.000 or USD equivalent.

Participants have the opportunity to subscribe or redeem their investments on a monthly basis.

Subscription documentation, Information Memorandum and the KIID (Key Investor Information Document) can be requested by filling out our contact form.